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  • Food Safety Culture

    Food Safety Culture

    Each and every member of the food industry, from farm to fork, must create a culture where food safety and nutrition is paramount. – Bill Marler, Food Safety Attorney, Advocate

  • Improve Food Supply Chain

    Improve Food Supply Chain

    Each stage of the supply chain that delivers food from the farm to the dinner table is obligated to imporve, or at a minimum, not degrade the food risk profile. – Mik Robach, V.P., Corporate Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs

  • Goal of Safer Food Supply

    Goal of Safer Food Supply

    The new world will be a collaboration of people who have a goal to make the food supply safer working together to get to better practices. -David M. Theno, Ph.D

  • Food Safety Compliance

    Food Safety Compliance

    Compliance is not synonymous with due diligence; in fact, it’s only a component of due diligence. -Dan Brackett, ArgosRM Food Safety